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Sales and Service Consulting, Workshops and Training

Each client is different, with different needs and varying budgets. Adduco Consulting will spend the time to uncover the challenges your company faces as well as the opportunities yet to be maximized. Next, we’ll create a customized program with a step-by-step plan to define and target your ideal customers, increase your sales and profit margins, and further develop your staff. Whether it’s an ongoing program, a workshop series, or speaking engagements to educate and motivate your team, I will deliver measureable, defined results. Contact Adduco Consulting now to start the process today, don’t settle for being average – contact Adduco Consulting now to start the process today.

SALES TRAINING Our innovative approach to sales training enables your team to learn how to truly understand who the customer is, how to uncover their needs, and ultimately, how to close the sales simply and efficiently. From the management team to the frontline staff, we’ll work with your entire staff to ensure a consistent, successful sales culture.

LEADERSHIP SKILLS Our one-on-one coaching with your executive and management staff will further equip your leaders with the necessary skills and communication style to garner admiration and respect within the organization and the community it serves.

INCENTIVE DESIGN Understanding the motivating factors for your staff will allow us to create a uniquely effective incentive program which will focus on maintaining the utmost integrity while serving your customers with a telescopic vision. The results will accelerate your sales growth and increase your revenue.

COACHING To truly create a successful organization necessitates building a collaborative team that is able to consistently outperform their rivals and focus on the strategic goals of the business. We offer one-on-one coaching with several delivery options and contract periods, providing a customized qualitative and quantitative approach.

MOMENTS OF TRUTH Is the customer experience provided by your organization typical or remarkable? Think of it; when is the last time you referred someone for a product or service simply because the experience you had with that provider was just average? We’ll dig deep to uncover opportunities for creating consistently phenomenal customer service in such a way that your customers feel compelled to pledge their allegiance to you and to refer new business to your organization!

GETTING CONNECTED In spite of the vast array of technological resources available, people still prefer to do business with people they know and trust. Getting out in your market area to develop relationships and nurture them into business results doesn’t come naturally for many, and for some is downright terrifying. From determining the optimum networking avenues to mastering introductions and conversations, we will not only show your team how simple it is, they just may learn they enjoy it!

CORPORATE CULTURE Employee turnover comes at a high cost to companies, estimated to be six to nine months of an employee’s salary just to find and train a replacement. The impact that the turnover has on your customers only adds to that cost. We’ll work with you to create a work environment supportive of your company’s mission and values, and focused on employee engagement and customer satisfaction.

SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS Available to speak to groups on a variety of customer service and sales-related subjects, customized for your company or organization.

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What people are saying about us

"After 23 years of making people happy by delivering the perfect gifts, it's easy to find yourself working IN your business rather than ON it! Cynthia not only coached my staff on increasing sales, building new relationships and making the customers experience second to none, but she challenged me as well. Her professionalism and desire to make her clients become smarter business owners makes her invaluable. Anyone in business who believes customers are their heartbeat should invite Cynthia to evaluate their company!"

Kristi Brocato, Owner at The Basketry

"My relationship with Cynthia dates back to when we began our careers in banking. Cynthia has always been a driven performer who could handle any form of adversity presented to her. She deepens relationships by solving customer's problems in creative ways and working as hard as needed to get results. She has the ability to interact well with individuals from varying backgrounds and stay focused on achieving success. Success has always been a driving force in Cynthia's career; she has achieved success by ensuring the success of her clients. She has a strong work ethic that tends to inspire the same in others. I believe that you will be pleased at having chosen Cynthia to assist in the development of your organization."

Terry H.

"I was impressed with the quality of the training. Cynthia related to the attendees in a very effective way. The pace and energy of the training and the knowledge emphasized by objects kept the group engaged and made it easy to recall the key components and apply the knowledge. Cynthia is an excellent facilitator and trainer."

Shelly G.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Cynthia when we co-facilitated a group of C-level executives. Her ability to connect, hold and influence each participant was exceptional. Her professional approach was exceeded only by her engaging ability to impact her audience. I would highly recommend Cynthia for all your sales, marketing, customer service and revenue growth needs."

J. Munoz, Consultant, Author and Speaker

"I had the opportunity and pleasure to work with Cynthia for four years. She is extremely well organized, focused, and energetic. One of her strongest attributes is her understanding of the sales process and execution required for success. She is highly motivated, extremely personable, and results oriented."

D. Abadie, President, First Bank and Trust

"I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Cynthia - as well as competing with her. I respect and admire her focus and her commitment to her employees and clients alike. She ‘gets’ the ‘guts’ of the sales process, how to analyze the measures and results, how to motivate, coach and develop a team, and how to create client loyalty. Cynthia is a go-getter, with the drive of an entrepreneur; she won’t stop until she gets it just right."

Maurer V.

"Cynthia Widlitze is truly passionate about helping others achieve more. Her integrity, vast wealth of knowledge and caring attitude truly make her a one-of-a-kind consultant. Her degree in life experiences truly adds a wealth of insight to her ability to discern cultural issues that impact productivity."

Abby Shields, International Speaker, Author and Consultant

"Cynthia is wonderful! I invited her to host an interactive sales workshop for New Orleans independent business owners and she did a great job. She is highly knowledgable of the multifaceted aspects of sales from first impressions to closing. During the presentation Cynthia stressed the importance of having a customer-focused approach. She clearly communicated the value of this approach and provided action steps attendees could implement immediately. I look forward to the next opportunity I have to work with her!"

Meredith C.

"Cynthia did a great job presenting her Customer-Focused Sales interactive sales workshop! The praise for the session has been pouring in. She prepared an awesome presentation and a workbook for the participants. I look forward to working with her again!"

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