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Cynthia Widlitze - Sales and Leadership Expert

Keynote Speaker, Breakout Session Presenter, Sales Trainer

  • In-Person and Virtual keynote presentations that educate and inspire successful sales behaviors
  • One-on-One Coaching to improve communication and create organic sales growth
  • Speak at your company or at your company Retreat on sales and customer service skills
  • Adduco Consulting - Cynthia Widlitze - Sales Consultant and Coach Adduco Consulting - Cynthia Widlitze - Professional Speaker

    Learn About Speaking Topics

    Contact Adduco Consulting to discuss how Cynthia can engage your audience as she speaks to positively impacting your companys' revenues.

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    Specific Processes to Inspire Sales People

    Provide your audience with the expertise Cynthia possesses from her 30+ years of experience in B2B and B2C

    Her sales and leadership skills will provide your audience with specific, actionable behaviors to create more success for individuals, teams and businesses.

    We’re all in Sales!

    Cynthia speaks on creating sales cultures, improving customer experiences,
    and continued professional development.

    Many people don’t see themselves as salespeople.

    Cynthia teaches that everyone who has customers is in sales.

    She is an ideal speaker for salespeople, sales managers and business owners.

    Sample Webinar Training


    Cynthia speaks to the simplicity of selling when it's done right. Don’t be overwhelmed by how to increase your sales; Cynthia explains how communication skills and customer experiences will drive new customers to your business and deepen relationships with your current customers.

    All of Cynthia's presentations are specifically
    designed for each unique client.

    Adduco Consulting - Cynthia Widlitze - Keynote Speaking

    Keynote Speaking

  • Customized for the audience, Cynthia speaks on the numerous ways to increase sales.
  • Topics include everything from creating extraordinary customer experiences, to understanding how communication skills impact revenue.
  • Adduco Consulting - Cynthia Widlitze - Sales Workshops

    Sales Workshops

  • Teach your team to create extraordinary customer experiences
  • Learn truly effective communication skills
  • Implement consistent sales processes
  • Adduco Consulting - Cynthia Widlitze - Sales Webinars

    Sales Webinars

  • A convenient, effective way to learn specific, repeatable sales behaviors
  • Learn how to accelerate sales growth without leaving your office
  • Adduco Consulting - Cynthia Widlitze - Sales Coaching

    Sales Coaching

  • High performing companies provide more employee coaching than under-performing companies
  • Invest in sales coaching to increase revenues and decrease employee turnover
  • From leadership team to frontline staff, coaching is an investment with great returns
  • Adduco Consulting - Cynthia Widlitze - Sales Consulting

    Sales Consulting

    With 30+ years in sales and management, Cynthia helps clients to:

  • Gain insight into your organization to identify gaps in sales process
  • Uncover opportunities to implement consistent behaviors to positively impact your bottom line

  • What People Say

    Cynthia teaches how to increase your revenue
    without selling anything!

    Adduco Consulting - Cynthia Widlitze - Professional Speaker, Sales Consultant and Coach

    Cynthia connects with her audiences through real life stories as well as group attendee participation.

    Cynthia's Background

    Sales Management Experience

    Cynthia began her banking career in an administrative position and through diligent work, an outstanding work ethic and a deliberate focus on increasing her value to the organization she worked for.

    When she left her banking career she was the Sales Manager for a bank with more than 300 employees.

    Sales Background

    In her various roles as a sales representative, bank manager, trainer, business development representative, coach, consultant and speaker, she has worked with CEOs, business owners, entrepreneurs, non-profit and sales management teams and professionals across a wide variety of industries including financial services, insurance, retail, professional services, and education.